Red Wagon Designs

I haven’t always been a stay at home mom; in fact, I graduated from a Eastern Kentucky University and then went on to pursue my master’s degree from the University of the Cumberlands. Once I graduated, I got a job working as a 4-H assistance in a nearby county and then worked at a school system utilizing my art education degree. But, as much as I loved having a job and being able to interact with people, I loved being consumed in the lives of my children more. Therefore, since I have the opportunity, I stay home with them while they are still little.

Sometimes though you wonder is this all that I am; a cook, a maid, a butt wiper……………….  I knew that I wanted to be more than just those things but still I wanted to stay at home with my babies. That is when I opened Red Wagon Designs, the name in honor of my two children of course.

Red Wagon Designs is an internet based business that showcases prints that I have created (using that ol’ bachelor’s degree) and I sell them to be framed and hung as wall decor. We also sell pre hung gallery blocks, canvases, cell phone covers, and license plates.

I had been asked to make some prints after posting pictures of some I had done in my own home and then the idea to start doing this full-time blossomed. I started off only making Subway Art, I have a fascination with the idea that something can look both modern and primitive at the same time and have greatly expanded since. Red Wagon opened its “doors” in March 2012 and slowly we are growing every week.

Please check out my website:  RedWagonDesigns

Here are some example of the prints that Red Wagon offers:



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