Ready or not

Ready or not Christmas is fast approaching and unfortunately I have I only bought one gift! I am really slacking, usually by now I am half way done. 

Christmas is my favorite time of year but since I started Red Wagon I have definitely noticed having an at home business creates a little more stress, making sure everyone’s items comes in on time and keeping up with your merchandise. 

This year I am starting early, hoping that doesn’t happen, starting with my booth at our local craft market.

I have been searching high and low for way to display my prints without having to spend the extra cost of framing all of them. I finally found it! I happen to stubble across some pallets that someone had made into bookshelves and bought them with hopes that they would work.

They look very similar to these I found on Pinterest.



I brought them home and gave them a fresh coat of paint and they look awesome. Just what I was hoping to find! The best part is that my hubby said he can recreate them and make me some more. Even better!! 

I ended up painting them mint blue (my favorite color at the moment) and it definitely brightened them up.








I put them up in my booth and I think they really are a nice addition to my wall space. 




So much more to do before Christmas but this is a good start! Hope everyone is having a wonderful week! Today starts Fall break for Carter and I am so excited to spend some time with him. 

– Carey 





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