County Fair

When you live a small town, one of the highlights of the summer is when the county fair rolls into town! It was especially exciting for us because our son, Carter, was participating in the Little Miss and Mister pageant. If there is one thing that child loves is attention and being in front of people, so it is a great opportunity for him to do so.

This week’s fair wasn’t exactly perfect by any means though! We have been facing a terrible drought and go figure the minute we plan to have a week of outdoor activity, the heavens open and we dealt with terrible storms and lots of rain. It is hard to complain about the rain, however, because our farmer friends desperately needed it!

It did make things a little difficult for my husband and the volunteers who help with the motor sports track though. Many of the events had to be cancelled and those events usually bring in a lot of revenue for the fair. But just like anything we do, we made the most out of the situation and by the end of the week events were back on schedule and we were even able to ride the carnival rides the last night of the fair!

Here is Carter and Dustin at the motor sports track getting ready to take the 4 wheeler through the mud pit! This is usually only for the kids but since Carter doesn’t have his own 4 wheeler they allowed him to go through with his Dad. He loved it!

This is Jude and myself taken Wednesday night when we had planned on taking the kids to ride but that was the night of the worst storm of the week, so we settled for ice cream at DQ!

The pageant, of course, got rained out but it was moved to Saturday afternoon at a local building. Carter and his friend, Sadie, did so well!  They smiled, they waved and I couldn’t have been more proud of them. They didn’t win or place, but you couldn’t have told me any different, to see his smiling face walk up on that stage with such confidence was enough for me! I couldn’t quit smiling myself and got a little teary eyed watching them. He is growing up so quickly! If you can’t tell, I am one proud Moma!

Here is Carter and Sadie before their pageant interview:

He told me that they asked him, what his favorite food was and what he liked to do in the summer and he answered swimming and riding his John Deere gator with his little brother, Jude (warms my heart!) He said he couldn’t remember what else they asked but he did say that they asked him twice what his favorite food was and my little comedian’s answer of course was, “You already asked me that!” Oh brother!

Here are some picture from the day of the pageant:

They did such an amazing job!

Saturday night, as promised, we took Carter and Jude to ride the carnival rides! I think we had as much fun as they did, we are both kids at heart. I was very surprised by Jude, who is only 20 months old, he jumped on every ride fearlessly. He will be the one I worry about when he is older, nothing scares him!



Regardless, of the rain we had a great week, mainly beause we were able to all be together! I think about the tragedies that happen all the time in our world and it makes me realize how lucky we are to have the ones we love!

Hope you have a wonderful week!

– Carey