Save the Drive In

I am not going to lie growing up in a small town has it’s downside, there are only so many fields to have bon fires in and so many times you can cruise the local Dairy Queen before you begin to go crazy!

But no matter how boring this small town may seem at times, this is my home and I have learned to embrace it and make the best out of every opportunity that we have here. This is where I was raised with my family and where I have now started a family of my own.

One thing that we have here that is special is a drive in, which is one of my family’s most favorite things to do in the warmer months! We are talking a good old fashioned, pull your lawn chairs out and sit under the stars drive in! If you have never experienced it then you are missing out!

Sadly, due to change in technology our drive-in may be forced to close down!!! They are being forced to change over to the digital world and they must buy a new projector since everything is now being processed that way. From what I understand a new digital projector is a whopping $80,000. In this town, that would buy a house!

So here’s my plea, if you have a moment go and vote for our drive in! They are currently in a contest where they could actually win a new projector and keep the drive in open!


You can vote once a day and even by text message! Help keep a girl’s sanity in a town with limited choices anyway and please keep Twin Hills Drive in open!

Here’s some shots of me and the muchkins living it up at the drive-in this summer! 1020314_10100508143997633_857539672_o



Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!

– Carey