Ending the Year

It occurred to me the other day I have neglected my blog since November! :O Oops. So I figured I would do a catch up post starting from November ’til now to put me back on track!

Unfortunately, I haven’t had much time for crafts and projects but I did throw a Disney inspired birthday party since I last posted. Yes, that’s right, my Jude turned 3!! How is that possible? And my little plane obsessed Judey bear wanted a Disney Planes birthday party, so of course, that’s what he got!

The Dusty and cloud balloons came from Amazon.com, the orange plates from Big Lots, the blue and white polka dot napkins from Walmart, and the adorable orange airplane suckers were made by a friend.

The cake was also made by Walmart and I must admit they did a great job! Needless to say Jude and Carter both had a great time!

Once Jude’s birthday and Thanksgiving are over begins the fun of our elf, Bernard, making his return!

Here are some of the things we found Bernard doing over the Holiday season:

They love their elf!

Christmas always seems to come faster and faster every year and then flies by when it gets here! I need to learn to take it all in better. I absolutely love Christmas though! It is by far my favorite time of year.

One of my most favorite traditions that we do together is make Christmas cookies! The boys love it too. I roll out the sugar cookie dough and they cut them out with the cookies cutters. They each get their own cookie sheet, a variety of sprinkles and are allowed to go crazy! They love it!



For New Year’s, we went to the big city of Louisville! Dustin knows that every so often he’s got to take this small town girl out of the small town or I will go insane. Haha. So we stayed downtown, went out to eat, and then took the boys to the Louisville Caverns where they have the lights under Louisville. It was really pretty! I would recommend going if you have never been!

Here’s me with the boys, introducing them to 4th Street Live, where all the partying goes on. Obviously, we didn’t participate but we did watch from our room. 😉


Hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday season!

– Carey