It is no secret, that I display some characteristics of what they call OCD (the first step is admitting it right)!  I like everything in its place and everything in this house has an exact place. I get highly upset if things aren’t where they should go. That seems to one of my biggest challenges as a parent when it comes to the housework. It also seems to be one of my best and worst qualities.When you have a two children your house never looks the way you want it to. Believe me I try, but with everything else going on, housework always seems to be the last thing to get taken care of. Have you heard the expression, “cleaning the house when your children are at home is like shoveling snow while it is still snowing”? Well that is me!

Meet Jude. He’s the inspiration for this post. He is the world tiniest tornado! He can destroy a house in less than 30 seconds.

Our knew our lives would be different with two children, however, I didn’t realize how different they would actually be. Both my boys look just alike, seriously I can’t tell their baby pictures apart at all! However, they greatly differ and the biggest difference is how clean they can be. Carter, loves his room clean, in fact he cleans his room without being told (God love him!) He loves everything in it’s place and gets upset with they are not, sound familiar? Jude on the other hand, loves to dump toys out just for fun, throw his food in the floor when he is finished eating and basically get into everything! Even when Carter was Jude’s age he rarely did those things and if he did if wasn’t at the magnitude at which Jude does them now. Therefore, I have created different ways to help everyone be more organized and help me to freak out a little less! 🙂

Ever since Carter started Kindergarten, he has been coming home with lots of papers. Some of  them I want to remember, so thanks to Pinterest, I have been working on a project to keep papers for every year he is in school. I just started the project, but there are 13 hanging folders (one for every year of school) and then I plan to attach a picture of the first day of each grade to the front of the folder. This may become harder the older he gets!

Sometimes, Carter comes home with “refrigerator worthy” papers that I want to keep.  However, I am not a big fan of having papers all over my fridge. So I created a place in my kitchen to hang up those important papers. I used (4) 11×14 photo frames, scrapbook paper, hot glue, and (4) silver clips. We call it the artist corner and I change it frequently to showcase some of the great things I think he did in school that week!

This is where we put things when they are important to remember. For instance, doctor visit reminders, invitations, ect. This project was made using a $1 cookie sheet from the dollar tree and adhesive shelf liner. Very easy project that helps to keep us informed on where and when we need to be somewhere.

By the way, for all of you freaking out about me nailing things to my cherry cabinets, don’t worry, anything attached to the cabinets are held on by command strips!



My last kitchen organization is a basket that I purchased from TJ Maxx. I use this to hold any loose papers that I need to go through and take care of. For example, permission slips from school, papers that require my signature, or anything that I need to keep on hand to grab quickly. The behavioral chart key from school has won the title of used most frequently from that stack! I grab it just about every day to see what color means what on Carter’s chart.

The most important organizational items we use in this house are for toys! We are busting at the seems with toys. I need something in our family room to organize toys but at the same time looked nice. And I found it…..I grabbed this awesome piece of furniture at Big Lots and then purchased the bins at Walmart. This has been a great help to keep toys off the floor and out of site when not in use.

Last but not least is the project that I recently did in Carter’s room. We previously had a bookshelf in his room but it was not the greatest for holding his book and toys because it was so tall he was unable to reach most things. Not the mention the fact that I was always worried about it falling over, even though I knew it couldn’t. So, I created Carter a new shelving system using crates from Walmart and zip ties! It turned out so cute and it works so much better for him since he is able to access everything on it now! This may have been my easiest project ever, it literally took me longer to stand in line at Walmart (go figure!) than it did to put it together!

I am always looking for new ways to organize my life! If you have any ideas or tips I would love to hear them.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

– Carey