Dining Room Makeover

My hubby recently went away on business. What usually occurs when he leaves me unsupervised for a long period of time is the paint brushes come out and something gets a makeover!

This time I picked the dining room which I had been staring at for the past year now, knowing it needed a makeover.

I chose to do something very drastic! I went from a dark red to a sea foam green. It definitely brightened up the room and made it appear much bigger.

I used Glidden 2-1 paint and primer, we don’t have a Lowe’s in our town so for convenience sake I went to Walmart.

The color I used was called Sunwashed Kelp.


It took 2 coats to cover the red but I think it was worth it.

Here is the before:


And the after:


Definite improvement and I love it, thankfully so does Dustin.

This week is our counties’ fair week, so lots of fun things are planned!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

– Carey