Since my last post I have been swamped with everything from Red Wagon to laundry to just life in general! Which is not necessarily a bad thing, I like to be busy and that I am. Hence, the long pause between my last post and now.

Last time, I was in search of things to improve the looks of my booth at my local craft mall. I know you all have just been on the edge of your seats to see if I found anything else. 😉

Just in case you actually were, good news, after searching high and low for the perfect shelf, I finally found it! It is the perfect size and height to squeeze into the little bit of wall space I had left.

I found it off one if those yard sale pages we all have on Facebook. It wasn’t an easy find, it had to be just the right size and I wanted it to be made of wood.

Well here’s what my $20 got me:


It was a little rough, nothing major but most importantly it was just the right size and structurally sound. Which that means, with a little paint this will look like a whole new shelf!

I wanted everything to be uniform and have the same look, so I painted the shelf with the same paint I used on the bookshelves. I am really stretching this paint since it’s left over from my dining room project. Talk about frugal. 🙂

Took two coats but I love the finished product!!



Here’s what it looks like in my booth.



I am very pleased! My booth is now complete! Just in time too. Christmas is just around the corner! 😮

On to the next project, preparing for vendor and craft fairs. 🙂

Hope everyone has a great week!

– Carey