I recently found an app that I really like so I thought I would share, it is called Artkive.

Basically, what you do is take pictures of your child’s artwork and then it organizes them by the child’s name, the age/grade and even the date.

Being a mom who loves to see what my children bring home but not one who loves clutter this was perfect for me. I am, what I like to call the anti-hoarder, I only like to keep the really important stuff. However, it is always hard for me to not keep all of the projects Carter brings home from school.

I know that you can easily just take pictures of your child’s art work and organize them yourself but this takes all of the hard work out of it and even gives you the option to turn the works into a book.

Such a neat idea. I have already started archiving Carter’s previous work so I’ll be ready when he comes home with a new masterpiece. 🙂


– Carey