Operation Potty Training

For the past couple of months we have been going through the motions of getting Jude potty trained. But just like his brother, he is stubborn and as long as someone is changing his pull-up he figures, why bother?

He was doing so well for a little while, you know like every time we got to a restaurant and got our food, then he needed to go. But lately, we have regressed.

That’s why I am launching Operation Potty Training!

Today, he got to start off with new Spongebob Underwear, complete with his own potty chart and stickers which we put strategically over his Elmo potty!

So far we have went through 3 pairs of undies, but I am glad to hear the “Uh-oh” before I have to go in there and change him. At least I know he knows he did something he shouldn’t have. But with a little luck and a lot of patience we should get this whipped in no time (here’s hoping).

So…..fingers crossed, it may be a long, wet day for us!

– Carey

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