Where I live, the 127 yard sale is a big deal. The roads get very busy and our small little town becomes very crowded. I actually happen to live close to where the all the action takes place and this year we decided to participate.

Soon as I mentioned having the yard sale, Carter decided that he wanted to sell lemonade.
I searched Pinterest looking for a lemonade stand that I could try to make on my own since Dustin was away on business.

Here are the two I found that Carter and I liked, both were very cute but one was going to be more complex:


beverage and drink stand from changing table

After reading both blogs on how these crafty ladies made their beverage stands, I decided that I would combine the two. We would get the stand look we wanted but the organization of the other.

I had been looking and ended up getting lucky and found a changing table in good shape for only $8 at a yard sale. I gladly took it off their hands and began to develop the rest of the project.


My plan was to use wood from pallets that my hubby had at his shop but I am convinced that pallets are not to be taken apart. I couldn’t even budge them! So…..I went to Lowes. I started by screwing pine wood boards to the front.



Then I took old cabinet doors that a friend of mine had gave me and made a flat top working station.



I screwed the remaining boards to the sides and one at the top. I used my cricut to cut out the letters from card stock and applied them with Modge Podge.





The boys loved it and their lemonade stand was a big hit!


They were so proud and so was I!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

– Carey


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