I have been scolded by my father for not giving a proper shout out to him and the volunteers who helped make VBS 2013 Crafts possible, so…………..


Steve (my father – baste in your glory of recognition), Teresa (my mother), Kelly (my sister), Dustin (my hubby) and church members, Shelley, Randy, Tim &  Jordan, along with many other very, very helpful teachers and even our pastor.

I greatly appreciated your help and it couldn’t have been done without you all!

As I stated in my previous post, I would include the link to the other crafts that we did during the week.

This was by far the messiest craft we did and the smelliest! Ugh, I felt like I could still smell men’s shaving cream for days after this but never the less it turned out pretty cute.

Here is a picture and a link I used for this craft:

Cotton Candy Craft 


This blog provided great instructions for the project, sadly I never took a picture of this process.  Very cute though!

Our final craft were magnetic pictures frames purchased from oriental trading and they worked perfectly with our theme!

Here is Carter’s frame:

carter blog

I took all the pictures the night before the project at the end of each class, uploaded them to Walmart that night when I got home and picked them up before VBS the next day. Granted some children didn’t have a picture to take home but this was the last craft we did so at least the majority were able to have a picture to put in their frame. I thought they turned out very cute. Even the little ones down in the nursery got to participate in making this craft.

Jude cheesing for the camera!

jude blog

Again if you have any questions please feel free to ask.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

– Carey


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