In Memory

It is has been a while since I posted, partly because the hubby has been home (thank goodness) but mainly because this year hasn’t been the greatest for my family and I haven’t been able to find much joy.

In January, all three of my Grandparents were in the hospital all at the same time, in 3 different hospitals, in 3 different cities. It’s funny how you think that your Grandparents will just always be in your life and how in an instant that can quickly change. My Grandfather’s time here on Earth had come to an end and in February he went to be with the Lord.

I tried my best to find the words to honor my grandfather but the wounds are still too fresh, I think I am still numb from his loss and can’t seem put my feelings into paragraphs. So instead today, I will just honor his memory with some of my favorite pictures of him.

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In Loving Memory of Pappy

– Carey


2 thoughts on “In Memory

  1. Very nice. I especially liked the one with him fishing with the tall black socks.

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