Valentine’s Project

Yesterday, Jude and I ventured out and went to our favorite store to pass the time, the Dollar Tree!  Everything is $1 there, what’s not to love! It’s like a craft lovers paradise, every time I go I am inspired to create something new. Yesterday was no different.

Of course, just like all the other stores they had all their Holiday decorations out way before I even remember that they are coming up. The first thing that we came to was the Valentine’s day section. Ironically enough, Dustin and I really don’t do the Valentine’s day thing.  I get mad every year waiting for ridiculous amounts of time just to eat at a restaurant and since I stay home flowers seem pointless if no one will see them but me, not to mention my allergies! Haha! Instead, we like to do “Just Because Day” (or at least that’s what is was before we had children) now it is simply date night!

One thing I remember growing up though is how exciting it was to get something sent to school from someone on Valentine’s Day! So, of course, since my little Carter started Kindergarten this year, it is my turn to step up and make sure he gets something to carry on the tradition.

I will actually be working at our local Florist this Valentine’s Day, the owner is a friend of the family and recruits me to work holidays when things are busier than normal. So since I will be extremely preoccupied making sure everyone else’s orders are done and delivered, I went ahead and made something for Carter myself.

I decided to make a Valentine’s day bouquet using candy instead of flowers, which is similar to something I received as a child from my parents. I always thought it was a cute idea and a great alternative to flowers, especially for a child.

All the supplies came from the dollar tree, I used:

– 1 bucket

– assorted mini candy bars

– 1 bag of Smarties

– 1 bag of Blow Pop

– wooden skewers

– tape

– Valentine’s Day heart Picks

– Basket shred

– Floral foam

I also used my vinyl cutter to add his name and some cute hearts!

Here is the end result:


I thought it turned out pretty cute. No matter what it looks like he will love it because it has candy on it! Haha!

Have a great week!

– Carey


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