Red Wagon Designs

Today I am updating my Etsy shop, sadly I had gotten so busy I had let some of my items I was selling expire! Oops!

But now we are back in business. I love my little stay at home business! It is not much, but between the two boys and the rest of my domestic jobs it keeps me busy and keeps me doing something I love to do!

You can read about how Red Wagon Designs got started by reading here.

I also LOVE seeing my work on people’s wall or posted in places like our town’s Tourist Commission and Country Clerk’s offices! It’s the little things!

But the biggest thing to me, that never gets old is hearing those words, “I am so proud of you!” from my sweet, sweet husband. Red Wagon may not be a huge corporation but I work hard at it and he sees that.

Sometimes I have a hard time with the whole “stay at home” thing because I have a problem with the idea of not having a paycheck and contributing to expenses. But I have learned every little bit counts and this little business has been a big deal to me!

Today I am going share my Etsy shop with you. I also have a booth at a local Antique mall that displays my work, so if you are in the area I would love for you to check that out as well. 


Red Wagon Designs Etsy Shop 

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

– Carey


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