Welcome Miss Hadley

There seems to have been so many things going on in the past few months but one of the most exciting was the birth of our dear friends’ baby girl, Hadley. She is simply adorable and has a big sister that is equally as beautiful as she. These two will break hearts one day! However, I joke that Heather, their mother and my friend, is merely providing my sons with wives. We plan to arrange both their marriages. Haha! (If only…….)

This precious angel was born October 24, 2012 and was named Hadley Rose (sounds like a Disney Princess,right?) 🙂


Here is Carter holding her, he adores babies and held her more than I did when we went to visit. So sweet.




I have a weakness for baby feet……..



We got a chance to go and visit them this weekend and I got to hold her while Carter and Jude played with Paisley, their oldest daughter. This little angel has sure stole our hearts and we are so excited and happy for her arrival! Congrats Clayton & Heather!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

– Carey




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