Halloween – Better late than never!

So…..life has been incredibly insane here in the Wilson household; Carter’s school work has picked up, laundry always needs to be done, for some reason these people always want to eat every night, and my little business has me working some pretty late nights and some full time hours! No complaints though, I love being busy, especially for Red Wagon, my hobby business, because that just means that I get to do what I love and that someone else loves it too! Heck, I am not even complaining about the laundry because in light of what everyone is going through up North, I am just happy to have clothes in general. However, my crazy busy life has left me little time to share with you the Halloween pictures of my adorable children. (Didn’t think you were going to get off the hook on that one did you?)

Our family loves Halloween and loves dressing up, so we have a good time with the whole idea. In fact, Carter dressed up twice this year, as two different characters. Throughout the year, I pick up costumes on clearance, at Goodwill,  or even yard sales and continuously add to the boy’s costume box so they have plenty to choose from once Halloween rolls around. This year the boys decided to be Buzz and Woody from Toy Story. For some reason, I really like when their costumes relate so we try to dress them in matching themes. Last year, Carter dressed as a UK Football Player ( I know, I know should have went basketball ) and Jude as the UK mascot. Cute right?!

Our plans to match got a little messed up however when the weather man announced it was going to be about 30 degrees on Halloween night. Of course, every other year it is about 65 degrees and the kids burn up in their fuzzy little costumes, so this year we opted for thin ones. Go figure! Not to worry, we just went to our costume box and found something new.

Carter decided he was still going to be Buzz, we just added about 3 layers of long underwear to him and he was good to go. Jude on the other hand, had just gotten over a double ear infection so we decided Woody was out of the question. Instead, he wore the same costume that Carter wore when he was two (one of my favorites actually), Nemo the fish. I calmed my OCD by justifying the fact that they were both Disney characters and that was how they matched. Haha! 🙂

Here they are walking up to Dustin’s grandmother’s house. I love how much they love each other! Carter takes such good care of his baby brother. Some random shots throughout the night, visiting family.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Like I said, Carter dressed up twice, wearing a pirate costume to school for his Halloween party. It was a fun night and the kids had a great time! Can’t wait for next year. 

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!

– Carey


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