Last week we went on a family vacation to Panama City Beach, Florida. It was our first time ever going to PCB and it was also our first time waiting until October to go to the beach. Since we have an immense amount of trouble with Carter not liking school (which I believe is a thing of the past) we promised him at the first of the year that we would take him to the beach at fall break. We are firm believers in bribing our children, haha! So far it has worked in our favor. 🙂

It was very strange to us to have to be putting sweatshirts on our children to go on vacation since we normally try to go in June or July. But since the temperature was supposed to be plummeting to the 30s, I was ready to trade the cold weather for warmer temperatures!

We went to Panama City with fingers crossed that we would like it. I am a creature of habit and do not like change so this was a big gamble! We have been to Gulf Shores and Destin, which are all close by on the Gulf side but we wanted to try something new. PCB had a bad reputation for being where spring breakers go and party it up, which is why we have stayed away from it in the past. However, we took some advice from a friend of ours that lives in Alabama and goes there all the time and we are so glad we listened too because we loved it!

Here are some pics of my boys enjoying the beach:

Jude Thomas in his Daddy’s arms

Carter caught a crab!

Jude catching a ride to the beach!

 Carter & Jude

I had never seen the ocean as calm as it was while we were there. It was absolutely gorgeous with the white sugar sand beaches and crystal clear waters. Unfortunately , the last two years at the beach haven’t been the best, so this was a nice change. Two years ago in Gulf Shores, we got to experience the oil spill and then again last year we still found traces of oil and murky water.

I am by nature a very light skin person (got some red in my hair, shhh don’t tell), so my wonderful hubby rented a nice chair and umbrella for the week so that I wouldn’t end up looking like a lobster. Seriously, the sun and I don’t get along, he got to see how bad this can be first hand one time in Charleston (IOP) when I had to buy prescription medication to put on my sunburn. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree either, because that same vacation we had to take my Dad to the hospital for sun poisoning. Let’s just say after that  we don’t take our chances! Bring on the 50 SPF. Hey at least I was really in style during the whole Twilight phase! 😉

One of our favorite places in Panama City is a place called Pier Park. It is right up my alley! Along with the pier and boardwalk, it also offers many stores all decorated with a beach theme, some nice restaurants, a movie theater and a kids play area. The boys and I spent a whole day here while Dustin went deep-sea fishing! It is a nice place to just walk around or do some good shopping! 🙂

Pier Park 

I was absolutely not ready to come home and face the cold weather but as much as I love the beach, I love Fall in Kentucky equally as much. It makes it a lot easier to come home when you get to come home to this………

I absolutely love decorating for fall, not as much as Christmas but still right up there. Here are some of my decorations for this year:

Like I said I love fall and every year I get the boys together and take a fall picture with the changing leaves. Here is their picture from this year!

Happy Fall everyone from our family to yours!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

– Carey


2 thoughts on “Fall

  1. Oh Carey, I loved reading this and looking at you pics! I also love Panama City Beach. We stayed at The Palmetto both times we’ve been there. It’s family owned and operated by a man and wife and their four daughters.

    • Thanks Ann. We stayed at the Boardwalk Beach Resort mainly because of the pool. It had a great kiddy area with fountains and a zero entry pool. We really loved it. I think we will be definitely be back next year! That place you stayed at sounds nice, I love family owned places! 🙂

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