This week has been a busy one and unfortunately not for good reasons.

Monday night, my parents called and told me that my grandmother, aka “G”, was being taken to the local hospital by ambulance. We immediately rushed over and waited for her to be examined in the ER. For some reason, I didn’t expect them to hospitalize her. I am not really sure why I was so surprised since she was (warning graphic detail) throwing up blood. *Sorry for all those with weak stomachs.* But they did and that has been the case for the last week. They put her in ICU and have found that several ulcers were the culprit and have been working to solve the problem. She is doing remarkably better today than she was Monday night.

Here she is with the infamous bear, Jude’s pride and joy that he takes everywhere. I guess he thought G needed it more than he did this week.

While visiting her this week, I found it interesting listening to her talk to visitors that came in and out about others that were in the hospital, friends that had passed and essentially how quickly things change. This made me think about those “golden years” of life and how they seem to live day to day and try not to be concerned about the future.

I feel like I am constantly telling my children to live in the moment and to not be so worried about things that haven’t happened yet. This is especially true for my 5 year old, Carter, he is so concerned with what comes next that he rushes through everything and does not take the time to appreciate things like he should. I hope that I can encourage him to take a lesson from his elders, slow down and learn not to take things for granted.

Hopefully, Granny will be able to come home on Saturday and with a lot of prayer and some good meds, she will soon be back to herself again. 🙂

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

– Carey


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