Oh the joys of school!

So we are three weeks into our first adventure with public school and this is Carter’s 1st Holiday! ┬áLet me tell you, he is beyond thrilled to not have to go to school. He isn’t quite warming up to it the way we had hoped! Our plans were to have a nice weekend off at home and well we got to stay home this weekend but for all the wrong reasons.

One thing people told me to watch out for was as soon as Carter started Kindergarten, the sickness would come right along with it. Well, Saturday morning, we ended up at the walk-in clinic, which is the only doctor’s office open on the weekends around here (thank God for them). This clinic happens to be managed by my good friend, Jessi, so although we don’t go there often I am very trustworthy of the staff because I know she wouldn’t just allow anyone to work there!

The doctor working that day was wonderful! In fact, he was more loving and caring then some pediatricians that we see at our normal doctor. He wanted to hold Jude but he wasn’t having any of that, he only wanted me, and he put Carter in his lap and just talked to him like he was his own. Needless to say I was very impressed by him!

I wish the outcome had been as great as the doctor however! We left there with 2 ear infections (Jude) and strep throat (Carter)! Our first case of strep throat, oh the joys of school! ­čśŽ

So we got our wish, a weekend at home but with two pitiful little boys! Carter wasn’t as bad a Jude, he has always been pretty tough when it comes to being sick. Jude, however, was a sad site, he just wanted to lay around and cry. It broke my heart!┬áNothing like sickness can make a mother feel so helpless.

The only thing I knew I could do for them was make some soup, Carter’s favorite soup in fact. He likes to call it Nana’s yummy soup! It is a recipe my mom makes for him a lot and he likes it so much that I had to get the recipe from her just so I could start making it for him all the time.

Nana’s Yummy Soup

1 Large Can of Tomato Juice

2 Cans of beef broth

3 lbs of hamburger

1/2 bag of chopped frozen onions

1/2 bag of frozen lima beans

1 bag of frozen mixed vegetables

Boil the hamburger until cooked and then mix all other ingredients into a pot and let it cook for about an hour.

Pretty easy huh? I never got around to taking a picture of the soup but you get the point!

After some TLC and some good medication the boys are feeling more like themselves again. Thank goodness! In fact, yesterday we watched our Kentucky Wildcats play some football on TV. It definitely wasn’t a great game and we actually lost but we had two smiling boys again and that’s all that really mattered!

 Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

┬á– Carey