Since, Carter, my oldest, started school this week, I started reflecting back on when he was a baby. I thought about how everyone tried to tell me that he would be grown up before I knew it and how I may have took that for granted. I am amazed how quick 5 years has went by, from bringing him home for the first time to changing that very first diaper, seems like a flash. I remember thinking one day he would have to go to school but that was a long time from now and yet here it is my first born is a Kindergartener!

Here’s my sweet Carter  and his Daddy just a few days old. This is the day we brought him home from the hospital.

Well believe it or not, Carter and I survived the first day of his Kindergarten career, but not without difficulty or tears might I add. Let’s just say last week was quite an emotional roller coaster for both of us. I didn’t want to let go and he didn’t want to stay!

Here is Carter on the first day of school:

At this point he was still pretty excited about the idea of it all, it wasn’t until we actually reached the school then it all started to go downhill. Carter is such a sweet boy and doesn’t like to disappoint anyone, so he was trying to have a brave face through it all but the minute Dustin and I told him goodbye he lost it and had a complete meltdown. Needless, to say this broke my heart. The next couple of days weren’t much better, in fact, the second day of school two teachers literally had to pull him off my body. 😦

Let’s remember the good times before he said he was never going back to that place!

Day 3 of school was much better than the rest because, well, I am a firm believer in the results of bribery and promises of Orange Leaf Yogurt and the movie the Lorax seemed to do the trick. A lot of prayer mixed with a little bribery goes a long way because we made it through an entire day without a single tear drop! Yay! We may survive the year after all.

This morning was the first day I wasn’t allowed to walk him into his classroom and that killed me because I have a terrible urge to want to do everything for him. I know, I know, learn to go! Believe me I am working on it. But Carter surprised me today, he got out of the car and walked up those steps like he had been doing it for years (one of his favorite phrases). I, of course, parked to make sure he got in the door okay (big shocker there right, I said I was working on it) and I noticed he stopped and turned to look for me one last time, but when he didn’t see me he went on in the door. It was a proud (and kinda sad) moment for this Moma! Praying that the rest of the week he will do as wonderful as he did today.

This journey to Kindergarten isn’t going to be an easy adjustment for us all but we are learning and I know he will do great!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

– Carey


7 thoughts on “Kindergarten

  1. Its parents like you that the world needs more of. At the point you don’t worry about your child starting school is when we should question. As a mother it’s our job to worry. Keep up the good work Carey.

  2. You’re doing good Carey. You are a wonderful, loving mother and Carter and Jude are lucky to have the love that you and Dustin give them. Continue to be strong for Carter and God will see you through this trial.

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