Cupcakes & Rainbows

I know life with children isn’t always cupcakes and rainbows, but my 5 year old is about to drive me insane! Not just talking a little crazy, we are talking institutionalized! Don’t get me wrong I love my children with all my heart but the past few weeks have been some of the hardest I can remember. Maybe it is because I am with them literally 24/7, maybe it is the age, but regardless it is taking a toll on me! I am not writing this to complain, but hoping maybe there are others out there that feel this way too!

This is my darling 5 year old, Carter. Don’t let this sweet face fool you! Kidding. He truly is one of the sweetest children I know, he is caring, takes wonderful care of his brother and even helps me out around the house. The problem lies within his listening skills, not his hearing skills. Is there a difference, you say? Oh yeah, big time!

Carter hears everything I say, whether he chooses to truly listen is another thing! This is what is driving me MAD!  I have noticed that the more excited he is or the more frustrated I get with him the worse it becomes. I don’t know how to fix it either!

Last year we sent him to a private preschool here in town for his ability to listen and for social skills, since he had none staying home with me. The result: his teacher seemed to never have a problem with him, at least none that I know of. Although, he learned a lot from preschool, his listening skills with me anyway, haven’t changed much! (Sigh….)

My husband, who apparently has become a rodeo clown in Texas or something, has been gone going on two weeks now so I am braving it alone for now anyway. This sudden need to strap me in a straight jacket may come from my lack of much needed sleep I haven’t received due a sweet but fussy, teething baby. So….…..I am praying for patience (just about every minute of the day) and learning to not become as frustrated with him.

One of the biggest problems within myself is that I forget sometimes he is only 5 because of how smart he really is. I think that lack of adult communication that comes from being a SAHM is focused on the children and I expect him to do things just like I ask him to, like an adult would. (Shame on me!)

I am a person who likes to believe that God has a sense of humor, just like the fact that I love animals but I am highly allergic to them, I bet he is just rolling over that one! Well, I have concluded that this is God’s way of making the transition into Kindergarten easier on all of us; Carter drives me crazy and I can’t wait until school starts! Ha ha!

All kidding aside, the reality of the situation is that I am terribly and desperately saddened by the idea of him leaving me and I dread next week! My plan for the last few days we have before he starts school is to make them fun for him and hopefully, I can learn to be more patient and with some hope and a lot of prayer maybe the listening will come.

– Carey


3 thoughts on “Cupcakes & Rainbows

  1. Thanks Moma. I think it is just a phase he is going through that started around November 21, 2011. He is an angel about 90% of the time but that other 10%…….it will wear you out! 🙂

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