Solar Lighting

When Dustin and I got married, we bought a house that had been in his family for a while. Meaning almost every cousin or family member had at some point lived there. The house, although, structurally very sound, needing some updating, minor and major. I personally, have painted every room in our house, some twice! But the last thing on our list of major improvements was the balcony. Oh the dreaded balcony!

Let me tell you we double and triple locked the door out onto this death trap in fear of anyone going out on it!

Here is the balcony before:

Yuck right? I know! Luckily, last year we were able to finally cross this off our list and build the deck we have always wanted out there.

Here is the after:


Soooo much better!

However, we did this last July, a year has past and still haven’t adding any kind of lighting out there, which was our plan all along! As you know my husband works out of town a lot, so I will let this one slide but I don’t like to just sit around waiting for something I want done so I created my own lighting. Obviously, I am not an electrician, so thanks to Pinterest, my favorite site on the Internet today, I found a wonderful solution!

 I knew I wanted the look of Charleston, one of my favorite places, therefore I knew I needed some sort of hanging lanterns and I found them at the Family Dollar. Even better they are solar powered! The pin I found mentioned hanging lanterns on hanging basket hooks and I found those at Walmart.


Total cost for my new lighting all together:

3 boxes of solar powered lanterns ………. $30

6 hanging basket hooks……………………$12

Total:  $42

Here’s the finished product:

 Adorable right? I love them, hope you do too. This week is Fair Week in our small town so look forward to an overload of Little Miss and Mr. pictures, as my Carter and his friend, Sadie compete for the title. Hope everyone has a great week!

– Carey


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