Who wants to be a bully?

I don’t understand bullies, I just really don’t! Maybe it’s the power they feel like they have over people when they belittle them, I am not sure. But I really don’t get why anyone would want to be a bully?

Last week, my youngest and most innocent was the target of a bully! Yes, Jude, who is 18 months old. I was extremely shocked when I learned that Jude had fallen victim when I picked him up at my gym’s daycare. The daycare worker explained to me that a child not much older than Jude (yeah you heard me right) was picking on everyone in the room but his main target was my Jude. She told me that he would hit and pinch him and then try to pull him around the room by his arm. She continually stopped this occurrence but the last straw was when he pushed him onto a dollhouse causing other toys to fall on his head from an overhead window sill. At this time, my oldest stepped in and stood by his little brother’s side to prevent anymore abuse. The child’s mother was then called and he was forced to leave.


My first reaction, of course, was relief that Jude was not hurt by the falling toys and then the anger began to wash over me. The questions began to flow through my head; Where would a child that young learn these things? Doe he do these things at home? Are there other children at home? What is he going to be like when he grows up? I know that I can not help how other children are raised or control how they behave, I can only teach my children to be nice to others and hope that they are kind to their peers.


The idea of someone picking on my children, like it would any mother, is enough to keep you up at night. It hits close to home as well, being a victim of a bully myself. I hope and pray that my children don’t fall into the peer pressure that radiates through the halls in schools and stand for what they believe in. I will try my best to encourage this especially when we get to the dreaded middle school years! Ughh! But until then, my hopes are they stay young and innocent!


I hope that my children one day understand that everyone is different and that we need to embrace this and not turn our backs to it. Black, white, gay, straight, everyone is a human being and I pray my children will be the bigger person and always know right from wrong. I understand this a far cry from a toddler picking on my toddler but you know it has to start someone and this occurrence just snowballed my thinking to the idea of where things will be in the future and how I want them to be for my children.

My Aunt, a former school teacher turned children’s author, coincidentally wrote a book title, Jude the Dude, which is about bullying. If your child has fallen victim to this epidemic of cruelty then I encourage you to check out this book:


Jude the Dude

Hope everyone has a great week and a happy 4th of July!



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