My husband and I have been together 8 years now. We started dating sometime in the summer of 2004, engaged on the 4th of July 2005 and were married in the spring of 2006. So, all together we have been together going on 8 years and believe it or not I have never been to a job to see what my husband actually does for a living. Haha! This is a true statement.

I know in theory what he does and I am able to tell others but I have never been to a job site and seen anything first hand. My hardworking hubby, is an equipment rigger, which means he goes around the country and clears out massive machines, equipment and silos from dairy plants that are closing their doors or relocating. It is really fascinating work to see some of the things that they do in the pictures he shows me. It sometimes amazes me that he has such an interesting job. He not only just works for the business however, he owns a third of the company. He was the youngest person to ever become partner at his family business. One proud wife right here!

He travels all over the country and part of me always wishes I could tag along just to see things I have never seen before. One job, he and his bother, Joe, drove their semi trucks from Kentucky, where we live, to California for one of the biggest jobs they had ever done. I personally, couldn’t sit still that long (I hate driving long distances) but he didn’t seem to mind it. That job probably was the hardest job I had ever faced being that they stayed gone for at least a month at a time! One thing I have learned about being a rigger’s wife is that you must be independent and deal with idea that sometimes you will have to tough it out alone. I dislike when I hear people complaining about their husband’s being gone for a night or two, I think that a break is needed between two people so that you can learn to miss someone. But no complaints from me, he loves what he does and I love that he is able to spend that much time with his father and brothers.

This past week however, I was able to FINALLY go to a job! The guys are working a job that is only a couple hours from home and me and my boys took a little road trip to Newport, Kentucky to see what “Daddy” does first hand. We mainly just stayed at the hotel and went swimming and did some shopping (their are a lot of good places to shop in Florence!) This week was probably bad on the bank account but I don’t normally do a lot of shopping, at least not for myself.

Midway through the week when things started to slow down at the plant we took a trip downtown to see Dustin at the plant. The Dairy Plant was called Trauth Dairy and had been in operation for over 90 years. Those are the ones that make me sad when plants simply have to close down and jobs are lost.

While we were in Newport, we also had a chance to visit the aquarium which is a lot of fun. My kids love seeing all the animals; they are definitely going to be animals lovers just like their Moma.

Newport is located just across the river from Cincinnati and offers an amazing view from the levee where the aquarium is located. We ate lunch at a place called Mitchell’s Fish Market after seeing the aquarium. I love being able to eat on the water with a sky line view of the city. I may be a small town girl but I love a big city (yes, Cincinnati compared to where I am from is HUGE!)

Dustin, by some miracle was off half a day on Friday and was able to spend the rest of the weekend with us. We love taking drives around new places and checking out things! We also love looking at different houses in the area as well! (Yeah I know we act like we are 78 years old!) Here is a bridge, one of many, that connects Newport to Cincinnati that I fell in love with:

This next bridge is called the Purple People Bridge and we could actually walk across it and into Cincinnati. This was the last thing we did that weekend before getting things ready to head back home the next day.

We had a wonderful week getting to spend time as a family. I am finally glad I am able to say I have been there done that when it comes to seeing what my hubby does for a living. Hopefully we will be able to visit another plant in the future, until then back to reality! Haha! Hope everyone has a wonderful week!



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