Hot Air Balloons

Dustin has currently been working a job in Newport, Kentucky. This excites us all being that Newport is only 2 hours from home! That means he gets the chance to come home and spend every weekend with us. There is just something different about the weekends when he is not home.

This past weekend was the Brass Band Festival held a county away. On Friday night, they always have a Hot Air Balloon race. We have seen it before from afar, but we had never drove over and actually been in the middle of the action. This time we did……..

My husband, Dustin, our sons, Carter and Jude, our son’s friend Ayden, and myself all were able to see the hot air balloons first hand. I had never been so close to one, I think I was probably more excited than the boys! Haha!

This is Ayden and my son Carter (green stripe shirt) viewing the hot air balloon that they were giving rides in. We felt the boys were too little this time but maybe in a couple of years they would really enjoy it. I think the boys thought the best part of the night was being able to run on the airport’s runway. Boys will be boys.

This is Jude our youngest, enjoying the freedom from his stroller on the runway! We had a wonderful time and it was definitely something you don’t see everyday. We may actually go and visit Dustin in Newport this week so stayed turned for our road trip post!



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